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Did you know that Malpractice Insurance does not offer proactive legal counsel to protect you against a BRN disciplinary action against your RN or LVN license?
We are here to fill the gaps that MPI cannot.


What is California’s Board of Nursing Disciplinary Process?

By Jennifer Coalson | Dec 6, 2019

In many cases, if a nurse or nurse practitioner is suspected of committing a violation, the BRN Disciplinary Process will begin with an investigation. Investigation A BRN investigator will send you a letter asking to meet with you and request that you sign a waiver and release so that they may look into your file …

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“Attorney is awesome” – Criminal and professional charges dismissed

By Jennifer Coalson | Nov 27, 2019

Attorney Nicole Valentine handled one case for me which had a professional and criminal component. Each case was dismissed. For the criminal I had to do 30 hours of community service but six charges were dismissed without any fines before pretrial. The board withdrew the case after Nicole’s motion. She is so detailed, easy to …

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The Difference Between DUI and “Wet and Reckless” When it Comes to Your NP License

By Jennifer Coalson | Nov 15, 2019

At the criminal level, there is not much difference between a DUI and a Wet and Reckless in California. Both will result in a point on your DMV record, both require a fine, both require DUI classes, and both are a misdemeanor criminal conviction requiring probation. So why is it SOOOOO important to a nurse …

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How Does an NP Respond to a Gross Negligence Accusation from the BRN?

By Jennifer Coalson | Nov 13, 2019

An Accusation from the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is an attempt to revoke an NP license and is usually the last step in an accusation of Gross Negligence. They do not just pop up out of nowhere and there will be many indicators before the Accusation from the BRN is eventually served on the …

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“Nicole Valentine is Very Professional” – RN License Intact

By Jennifer Coalson | Oct 31, 2019

Nicole Valentine is very professional, relentless, and confident in her abilities.   After two years, my case is finally closed and my RN license remains intact. Nicole represented me in obtaining a Public Reproval instead of a more detrimental discipline against my license. I am greatly relieved and can continue to practice as the safe …

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“Nicole is awesome” Nurse with a DUI able to renew successfully

By Jennifer Coalson | Oct 31, 2019

Nicole is awesome. I am a nurse and I was in trouble for a DUI. I retained a lawyer to cover my DUI case, but my lawyer referred me to Nicole Valentine to assist me in retaining my nursing license during this whole fiasco. Nicole was awesome and super easy to communicate with back and …

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How Does a Second DUI Affect My Nurse Practitioner License?

By Jennifer Coalson | Sep 30, 2019

Any DUI is considered a violation of the Nurse Practice Act because it is using alcohol in a manner that is dangerous to one’s self or others. A first time DUI misdemeanor conviction can sometimes result in a citation and fine from the Board of Registered Nursing, especially if the blood alcohol level or BAC …

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The BRN May Target Nurse Practitioners With Depression or Anxiety

By Jennifer Coalson | Sep 30, 2019

Sorry California Nurse Practitioners: Be Careful If You Have Feelings Every so often I take a phone call from a nurse that gets me so fired up I start making phone calls looking for a group to help me go up against the BRN on a broader level than just “legal license defense” for an …

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How Can the BRN Deny a Student Nurse Practitioner a License Based on a Prior DUI?

By Jennifer Coalson | Sep 4, 2019

While the majority of the calls RN Guardian receives are from nurses who have been arrested or convicted of a DUI, we also receive a high volume of calls from student nurses concerned about how a DUI will impact their ability to get their NP license upon graduation.   Many student nurses are shocked to …

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Immediate Suspension of a NP License at a Criminal Trial? What Happened to Due Process?

By Jennifer Coalson | Aug 30, 2019

I received a call from a California Nurse Practitioner the other day who had received something out of the ordinary from the Board of Registered Nursing. The document the NP received was titled:   NOTICE OF APPEARANCE AND RECOMMENDATION BY STATE LICENSING AGENCY [BRN] FOR ORDER PROHIBITING DEFENDANT FROM PRACTICING AS A LICENSED REGISTERED NURSE; …

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Nicole Valentine an Angel in Disguise

By Jennifer Coalson | Aug 14, 2019

When I got a letter from the BRN that I was under investigation, I became very devastated and was not sure where my life was heading. I cried my eyes out and then I decided to hire Ms. Nicole Valentine. She is caring, open-minded, thorough, conscientious, embracing, attentive, prompt, professional, knowledgeable, respectful and empathetic. She …

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Low Flat Fees for NP License Accusations for California Nurses with DUI’s

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 29, 2019

RN Guardian’s License Defense Program is receiving an average of 5 calls per week from nurses who have received an Accusation from the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) because of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction. That means the Board is cracking down even harder and filing more of them. If you are a …

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