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Did you know that Malpractice Insurance does not offer proactive legal counsel to protect you against a BRN disciplinary action against your RN or LVN license?
We are here to fill the gaps that MPI cannot.


Why This RN Had Her RN License Revoked for Ambien

By Jennifer Coalson | Aug 1, 2017

In April, 2015 a California Registered Nurse had her license revoked as a result of a DUI for Ambien when all she should have received was a citation and fine from the BRN. While the Accusation and Revocation Order are public documents and you and anyone else can find them on the BRN’s website, attached …

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BRN Citation and Fine on 0.22 DUI!!!

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 28, 2017

Our RN License Defense Attorneys have accomplished the impossible and have received a BRN Citation and Fine on a .22 DUI! The extra exclamation points are needed and appropriate since our best result prior to this was a Citation and Fine on a .17% BAC DUI for one of our nurse clients. This is not …

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3 Factors for a RN with a DUI

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 5, 2017

For Registered Nurses arrested for a DUI, remember the number 3. There are 3 moving parts to every DUI for a nurse: The Criminal DUI, the DMV or the Driver’s License and the BRN with your RN license. There are also 3 determining factors of the DUI that have the biggest impact on how the …

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Withdrawing From the BRN’s Diversion or Intervention Program

By Jennifer Coalson | Jun 27, 2017

Joining the BRN’s Diversion or Intervention Program is voluntary, so it makes sense that you can also withdraw from the Diversion program at any time, right? Of course, but not without serious consequences. Why Nurses Join Diversion Nurses join Diversion or Intervention for a number of reasons: they were diverting medication from their employer and …

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What Do I Do if My RN License Application Was Denied?

By Jennifer Coalson | May 24, 2017

Appeal the denial! There are probably one of four reasons your RN license was denied during the initial application: you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, you didn’t disclose a conviction when you should have, you are applying for endorsement with past out of state license discipline or you had another license that …

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Letter from the BRN?

By Jennifer Coalson | May 24, 2017

If you received a letter from the BRN, it is either because you’ve received notice you are being licensed as a Registered Nurse, it is time to renew your RN license, or there is trouble brewing. The California Board of Registered Nursing really only sends out mail for the following reasons: confirmation of licensure renewal …

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Can You Have a DUI and be a Nurse?

By Jennifer Coalson | May 16, 2017

It is amazing how many searches there are on Google for “can you have a DUI and be a nurse?” While I can only speak to prospective nurses in California, the answer is YES! In fact, we have helped thousands of nurses get and keep their RN licenses, following a DUI. The Board of Registered …

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Don’t Call The BRN for Legal Advice Regarding Your RN License

By Jennifer Coalson | May 16, 2017

Please Do Not Call The BRN for Legal Advice Regarding Your RN License The Board of Registered Nursing cannot give legal advice, so please do not call them for advice on legal matters that may impact your RN license; here is a recent example. RN Guardian had a potential client call us regarding a required …

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Hire an Experienced RN License Defense Attorney

By Jennifer Coalson | May 10, 2017

5.0 stars Posted by anonymous May 5, 2017 By the time I hired Nicole, I was depressed and overwhelmed with the previous ineptitude and incompetence of 3 other lawyers I had hired and fired and 7 consultations, not to mention the $10K+ I had already spent. The accusation against my RN license was for endangering …

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4 Registered Nurses with DUI Case Examples

By Jennifer Coalson | Apr 26, 2017

According to the California Board of Registered Nursing, there were 4374 RNs with convictions reported to the BRN in 2016; my guess is that most of those were Registered Nurses with DUI. We represented many of them and here are 3 examples of the outcomes of their cases. Registered Nurses with DUI # 1 In …

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Participation In BRN Investigation Interview Is No Longer Optional

By Jennifer Coalson | Apr 19, 2017

  If you are a RN and have received a letter, phone call, email or if an BRN investigator from DCA shows up on your door step, know that you will not have the option to decline participation in the interview. That is NOT to say that you are not still entitled to representation, and …

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The RN License Defense Attorney Who Gets It

By Jennifer Coalson | Apr 4, 2017

Any California Registered nurse who finds themselves in need of an RN License defense attorney to represent them before the BRN, should be looking for a few critical things: An attorney with BRN and RN License defense experience. This is the most important. A RN License defense attorney who has handled a case like yours. BRN …

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