student nurse applicant with past convictions

Are You a Student Nurse Applicant with Past Convictions and Don't Know What to Do?

How you disclose past convictions in your application will determine if you get your RN or LVN license or not. The BRN, AZBN, and BVNPT take ALL misdemeanors and felonies very seriously and typically will deny the application based on any past conviction. It doesn't matter how old the conviction is or if the conviction was expunged or dismissed. Except for a very specific set of circumstances, ALL CONVICTIONS MUST BE DISCLOSED. You are at a critical juncture where you can make things much better or much worse for yourself. If you are a student nurse applicant with past convictions, do not move forward on your own!

Are You Wondering If You've Just Wasted All That Time and Tuition; Is your Dream of Being a Nurse Over?

Don't Panic. Don't Be Afraid.

Just as you will eventually tell your patients when they're afraid, "Try to relax, we know how to fix this, and we have this under control." You are going to be just fine if you have RN Guardian on your side. We understand what you're going through. We have represented thousands of Student Nurses in the Application process. The majority of our clients receive their RN or LVN license upon applying, but if you are denied, our Attorneys have a +99% verifiable track record of proven success in getting our student nurses their California and Arizona Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses' Licenses on appeal.


  • Tell you exactly WHAT you need to disclose and WHEN to do it
  • Give you a list of evidence and required documents that will help you
  • Help you draft and perfect the Letter of Explanation
  • Review and analyze the Application, prior to submission
  • Prepare you for an Appeal of Denial, if warranted

It’s not too late! We will help you get your nursing license so you can begin your dream career. Please call or fill out the form below.

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