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Are You Panicking Because You Just Received an Intervention Letter From the BRN or BVNPT?

Your nursing license is on the line. The Intervention Letter clearly states that the BRN or BVNPT has received a complaint that you have misused Drugs, Alcohol, or are Mentally Impaired. These are extremely serious allegations and how you respond to this letter is critical. The first thing you need to know is that you DO NOT HAVE TO ENROLL IN THE PROGRAM and your nursing license will be immediately deactivated if you do.

Intervention is a Board Approved Rehab Program and you probably don’t need it...

Intervention is not usually appropriate if you:

There are MANY alternatives to the Intervention or Diversion program. You are going to be just fine if you have RN Guardian on your side. We understand what you’re going through. We have handled thousands of BRN/ BVNPT cases like yours. Our Attorneys have a 98% verifiable track record of proven success in the defense of California and Arizona Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses’ Licenses.


  • Tell you EXACTLY what you can expect from the Intervention Program
  • Provide a comprehensive analysis of your specific situation
  • Help you determine if Intervention is right for you
  • Prepare you for what comes next, if you don't enroll
  • Establish a strategic legal plan to proactively protect your nursing license

It’s not too late! We can save your license and your career. We will get you through this investigation and prepare you for what comes next. Please call or fill out the form below.

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