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What is RN Guardian and Why is it Different than a Law Firm?

WHAT WE DO - we defend California, Texas, and Arizona Nurse's licenses

RN Guardian was initially established as a membership-based legal plan to allow nurses to proactively protect their RN or LVN licenses from the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) and Licensed Vocational Nursing (BVNPT) imposed discipline or revocation.

RN Guardian currently offers California, Texas and Arizona Registered Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses a way to defend their RN or LVN licenses with legal representation and specially curated resources. We provide access to a small and elite team of vetted expert attorneys who have handled thousands of cases just like theirs. 

Additionally, California licensed nurses can subscribe to an RN Guardian membership plan for a low monthly or annual rate. With membership, if they find themselves under investigation or the recipient of an Accusation against their RN or LVN license, they won't pay another cent out of pocket to have a legal team of attorneys jump in to handle their issue. Likewise, if any related problem ever arises again, they are covered for further support and representation by their membership.


RN Guardian is different from traditional law firms in its level of oversight. If a nurse calls a law firm, they will be assigned to an attorney who may or may not have experience defending that specific type of case. If the nurse is unhappy with the attorney or has questions about how the attorney is handling their case, there is very little recourse other than firing the lawyer and losing the retainer fee. 

With RN Guardian, the nurse is assigned to a lawyer who has handled hundreds, if not thousands of cases, just like theirs. If they have questions about how the case is being handled or are unhappy with the assigned attorney, the nurse simply calls one of the partners, and the matter is explained, or a new attorney is assigned.


You might think utilizing a service like RN Guardian would cost more than simply retaining a firm privately, but that is almost never the case. Because RN Guardian is dedicated 100% to the defense of RN, LVN, and advanced practice nursing licenses, our attorneys have handled thousands of nursing license-specific cases. This level of experience translates into efficiency and dependability, which is why RN Guardian can offer a low, flat fee for our attorney services.

After a decade, we know exactly how much time each type of case takes. Unlike a traditional firm whose attorneys bill by the hour for every single touch, our clients pay for the average amount of time their specific case takes, no more, no less. 

If a nurse were to retain a traditional law firm to defend them in an investigation into their license and then again once an accusation was filed, the traditional firm would require a minimum retainer of $10,000. At $400/ hour, $10,000 goes quickly, and there is no cap on the amount the nurse may end up spending. 

At RN Guardian, we know that an investigation review takes an average of 4.3 hours. We know that investigation representation takes 10 hours. We know that a nurse does not have to go to a hearing (that takes 25 hours) but that the case can be settled in 11.4. These are the fees our clients pay, not some arbitrary $10,000 that may require an additional $5,000 to $20,000 down the road.

Not only that, but you pay the fee for the work that needs to be done at the time, not some massive fee that encompasses every possible worst-case scenario and sits in our bank account for a year-and-a-half while you eat ramen to pay for it!


Finally, RN Guardian's most extraordinary difference from a traditional law firm is its service to the individual nurse. When an RN or LVN calls a traditional law firm to get information on defending their license from BRN, BVNPT, or BON discipline, they typically speak to a receptionist, an office manager, a paralegal, or a low-level associate. The initial consultation will be with an intake person who will take their name and information, provide very little or vague information, and then demand a $10,000 retainer to move forward. 

When you call RN Guardian, you are connected directly to a Partner of the company. You speak to someone who has overseen thousands of cases. Someone who will spend as much time as you need, explain the entire process, and offer an honest opinion of the likely outcome of the specific case. 

RN Guardian will tell you if you even need an attorney or if it's something you can handle on your own. We will tell you that it can wait or needs to be dealt with immediately. You speak to someone whose passion and focus is protecting nurse's licenses and nurse's licenses alone, and then you get an attorney whose sole purpose is to save yours.

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