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Did You Lose Your RN or LVN License and Want it Back?

Nurses lose their RN or LVN licenses for two reasons:

  • They voluntarily surrender the RN or LVN  license
  • The license is revoked by the BRN or the BVNPT

Once a nursing license is surrendered or revoked, it is possible to get it back but it is a long process and it is an uphill battle. The process to get your RN or LVN license back is called a Petition for Reinstatement.

You Don’t Feel Like YOU Without the RN or LVN After Your Name

We understand what you’re going through. After working exclusively with nurses for 15+ years, we understand that your license isn’t just your job or your title, it is your calling and your passion. It’s what makes you, “YOU.” We have handled hundreds of RN and LVN license reinstatements like yours. Our Attorneys have a +98% verifiable track record of proven success in the reinstatement of California and Arizona Registered and Licensed Vocational Nurses’ Licenses.


  • Provide you with a very frank and candid initial assessment of your chances of success
  • Once retained, offer an in-depth legal analysis of your case
  • If we determine you are an EXCELLENT candidate for reinstatement, file your petition
  • Prepare your for Reinstatement Hearing before the Board
  • Represent you at the Reinstatement Hearing

It’s not too late! We can reinstate your license and renew your career. We will get you back to being “you”, with those precious letters after your name. Please call or fill out the form below.

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