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What Distinguishes You?

Too Many Organizations, All the Same Benefits.

With over 400 nursing associations in California competing for members, do yours still see you as relevant?

  • Annual conferences for CE’s are expensive and time consuming.
  • Networking opportunities have been replaced with online 'social networking'
  • Newsletters are becoming obsolete- info is dispensed instantly via blogs and other mediums like Twitter.
  • The way to attract and retain members is to offer something better than what everyone else is offering.

Nurses want tangible benefits from their association.

Something more than a discount on car rentals and scrubs and the newest successful associations are offering that: They are incorporating RN Guardian as a tangible benefit to their members and in return, the association itself is receiving all of the tools it needs to get more members, make more money and become the go-to association for their practice area.

RN Guardian is the benefit to have.

We provide hassle free legal advice to nurses whose careers or jobs are in danger or whose licenses are in jeopardy. It’s proactive rather than reactive and allows your members to do their jobs without ever having to worry about lawsuits, complaints or job loss.

  • You can be the go-to association for your practice area.
  • You can strengthen both your membership and the individual member.
  • You can accomplish what you set out to do when you became a board member: Make a difference in your association!

Not only do your members benefit, but so does the association - with perks like:

  • Up to 50% off RNG for your members
  • Corporate counsel from our attorneys
  • Event planning assistance
  • Marketing help
  • Deep discounts on Estate Planning services
  • Annual $$ Contribution from us to you.

Call us for a 1 hour complimentary association audit today. Become the association who is doing it better, tomorrow.