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Will a DUI Cause My Nursing License be Revoked?

By Jennifer Coalson | May 2, 2016

If you are a California Registered Nurse who has recently been arrested for a DUI, this question has been burning in your mind since you saw the flashing blue and red and they pulled you over. You thought about it all the way to the station. You thought about how the DUI was going to …

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What is the California’s Board of Nursing (BRN) Disciplinary Process?

By Jennifer Coalson | Apr 18, 2016

The following is a non-exhaustive list of reasons the CA BRN may discipline your RN License. The recommended discipline in ALL of the following cases is revocation or suspension of the RN license. Incompetence or gross negligence. To direct another or to personally falsify and/or make grossly incorrect, grossly inconsistent, or unintelligible entries in any hospital, patient, …

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Kerstin K.: “You made me feel like I was still a person of value and that meant the world to me.”

By Jennifer Coalson | Apr 1, 2016

Jennifer, You most likely don’t remember me. My name is Kerstin and I was charged with a DUI for prescription medications and other crimes against humanity. (LOL) I would just like to advise all the nurses out there to talk with you before taking any actions. Receiving a diversion letter is terrifying to anyone with …

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If My RN License Was Taken Away, Can It Ever Be Reinstated?

By Jennifer Coalson | Mar 7, 2016

Short answer: yes. Long answer: It is far easier and less expensive to keep the license from being revoked in the first place.   RN Licenses can be revoked for all number of violations of the Nurse Practice Act (NPA), from first time DUI convictions, to gross negligence for mischarging or wasting errors, to giving …

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How Does a Second DUI Affect My RN License?

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 29, 2016

Any DUI is considered a violation of the Nurse Practice Act because it is using alcohol in a manner that is dangerous to one’s self or others. A first time DUI misdemeanor conviction can sometimes result in a citation and fine from the Board of Registered Nursing, especially if the blood alcohol level or BAC …

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Drug Diversion and Your RN license: What You Need to Know Now

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 14, 2016

If you have, or are suspected of diverting medication from your employer, “Drug Diversion” can mean 2 separate things. The first is following a criminal investigation and prosecution, you are offered Drug Diversion from the courts or what is known as a deferred judgment (CA Penal Code 1000). A deferred judgment means that if you …

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How Does an RN Respond to a Gross Negligence Accusation from the BRN?

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 11, 2016

An Accusation from the Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) is an attempt to revoke a RN license and is usually the last step in an accusation of Gross Negligence. They do not just pop up out of nowhere and there will be many indicators before the Accusation from the BRN is eventually served on the …

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Should You Enter the BRN’s Diversion Program?

By Jennifer Coalson | Sep 10, 2015

Should You Enter the BRN’s Diversion Program? The answer to whether you are a good candidate for the California BRN’s diversion program will depend on who you ask. If you ask the BRN itself, or you ask the program provider’s at Maximus, they will tell you yes, OH YES!!!!!, you should certainly enroll in the …

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The BRN’s Accusation De Jour: The Med-Spa / Practicing Medicine Without a License Complaint

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 21, 2015

The BRN’s Accusation De Jour: The Med-Spa / Practicing Medicine Without a License Complaint If I didn’t know better, I would think that the BRN as an entity was gearing up to run for public office, by the way it dances to the beat of the Media drum. In fact, the draconian BRN as we …

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Student Nurse Applicants Cannot be Denied a RN License Because of a Misdemeanor or Felony Conviction

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 20, 2015

STUDENT NURSES APPLYINNG FOR A LICENSE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD: You cannot be denied your RN license based solely on a conviction. Criminally convicted student RNs, celebrate! That felony or misdemeanor criminal conviction that you’ve been freaking out about will not automatically result in the denial of your RN license! There is a colossal caveat …

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Did You Receive a Letter from the BRN? If it was about an investigation, diversion or an accusation, it is something to worry about…

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 14, 2015

The California BRN sends out very few written letters to registered nurses. You may receive the notice that your license is up for renewal. That’s fine… this one is nothing to worry about. Basically anything else that you receive from the CA BRN should be cause for concern and is a call to action. I’m …

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The Difference Between and “Wet and Reckless” and a DUI When it Comes to Your RN License

By Jennifer Coalson | Jul 13, 2015

At the criminal level, there is not much difference between a DUI and a Wet and Reckless in California. Both will result in a point on your DMV record, both require a fine, both require DUI classes, and both are a misdemeanor criminal conviction requiring probation. So why is it SOOOOO important to a registered …

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