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Did you know that Malpractice Insurance does not offer proactive legal counsel to protect you against a BRN disciplinary action against your RN or LVN license?
We are here to fill the gaps that MPI cannot.


RN under investigation? BRN Investigators May Show Up at Your Door

By Jennifer Coalson | Apr 4, 2017

If you are a California Registered Nurse under investigation by the BRN, you may have no idea until a BRN Investigator shows up at your front door. This is a new strategy for the Board of Registered nursing, the surprise attack! If you are reading this, the investigator has probably already shown up, or you …

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Biggest RN License Defense Lies On the Web

By Jennifer Coalson | Mar 29, 2017

Biggest RN License Defense Lies On the Web We all know there is a ton of “fake news” on the internet and advice that pertains to RN license defense after an arrest or allegation of diversion, is no exception. Following is a list of the few biggest lies regarding RN license defense and BRN disciplinary …

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RN License Application with a Past Conviction

By Jennifer Coalson | Mar 15, 2017

Are you filling out your RN License Application with a Past Conviction? It’s that time of year again, classes are wrapping up and student nurses are getting ready to fill out their RN license applications when they realize that they must disclose a past conviction to the BRN. This always causes a bit of panic, …

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The RN License Defense Strategy That ALWAYS Fails With the BRN

By Jennifer Coalson | Mar 1, 2017

The Early Bird Keeps Their RN License from Being Revoked… and other RN license fables. Two RNs have recently contacted me when it is too late to help them and they have either had, or are going to have, their RN license revoked because they employed the worst legal defense strategy ever. I get it… …

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Citation and Fine from BRN with a DUI

By Jennifer Coalson | Feb 16, 2017

Can I Get a Citation and Fine from the BRN with a DUI Conviction? YES, YOU CAN! There is a caveat, however… you should probably use us to help you. Our newest results are in from our panel attorneys and they are nothing short of AMAZING!!! If there was a ever a doubt in your …

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10,000 of Your Fellow RNs Deal with this Every Year and are Hiding It From You: The Great Nursing Taboo

By Jennifer Coalson | Feb 3, 2017

Did you know that there are close to 6000 accusations filed by the BRN against RNs each year, in California alone? Most of those are the result of a BRN investigation, but many investigations don’t make it to the Accusation stage. This means that there are probably close to 10,000 nurses every year who get …

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RN Accused of Stealing Medication?

By Jennifer Coalson | Feb 1, 2017

There is a term used specifically for an RN accused of stealing medication, it is calling diverting, and it happens so often that there is an entire program established by the BRN for such nurses. That program is the Diversion or Intervention Program. Nurses are actually more familiar with the term diversion or diverting than …

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Why This Nurse Had Her RN License Suspended for 2 Months

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 24, 2017

My newest nurse client has had her RN license suspended for the last 8 weeks and is losing her job as the result of a first time DUI arrest that hasn’t even gone to court yet.  Why? Her DUI attorney gave her horrible advice because he had no idea what he was doing when it …

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RN Under Investigation by the BRN

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 20, 2017

For a nurse, finding out that you are under investigation by the BRN is a terrifying experience. Your RN license is what enables you to work, but for nurses, being a RN is so much more than that! Being a nurse is not even just a career, it is who you are and what defines …

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Revocation of A Nursing License

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 11, 2017

Revocation of a nursing license is actually an incredibly rare occurrence among our clients. In fact, for the thousands of nurses our attorneys have represented, only a couple have had their RN licenses revoked. WHEN DOES Revocation of a Nursing License OCCUR? The Board of Nursing (BRN) cannot revoke your RN license without first filing …

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Accusation Against Your RN License?

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 9, 2017

If you’ve received an Accusation against your RN license from the California BRN, there are a few things you must know; the most important being that you very likely won’t have your nursing license revoked or suspended, despite what it says. WHAT DOES THE ACCUSATION MEAN? An Accusation against your RN license means that the …

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RN on Placed on Administrative Leave Pending Employer Investigation

By Jennifer Coalson | Dec 28, 2016

As a registered nurse, your first clue that the BRN may be getting involved with your RN license, starts with your employer placing you on administrative leave while they conduct an internal investigation into charting mistakes or missing medications. If you are a nurse who has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by …

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