Is It Worth It to Get Your DUI Expunged?

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 19, 2023

  If you are a nurse with a DUI conviction, we need to talk. You might be on probation or not allowed to work at all. If it happened long enough ago that you are back to work, you may still have this cloud hanging over you. Or maybe you recently finished nursing school, and …

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What Texas Student Nurses with a DUI Conviction Need to Know Before Applying for a Nursing Job

By Jennifer Coalson | Jan 6, 2023

  If you are a student nurse that been recently convicted of a DUI, you are no doubt very nervous about what this means for the career you have been working so hard toward. The good news is, while this is a grave matter, your career doesn’t have to be over before it even starts.  …

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Don’t Let a Holiday Party Get You in Trouble

By Jennifer Coalson | Dec 14, 2022

  The holidays are a magical mix of fun and enthusiasm. Holiday parties are a great time to let loose and enjoy the excitement. However, as an RN, celebrating too hard might just get you in trouble. It’s estimated that during Christmas and the two days around it, there are roughly 32 accidents a day …

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Attention Nurses! If You Drink This Holiday Season, Order a Ride Home

By Jennifer Coalson | Dec 8, 2022

What’s one of the quickest ways to put a damper on your holidays? No, not your in-laws. Worse actually. It’s a DUI.  We want to ensure this serious charge is top-of-mind for all nurses this holiday season. We don’t want to put a damper on your merriness, but we want to make sure you’re thinking …

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What Texas Nurses Need to Know About DUIs

By Jennifer Coalson | Nov 17, 2022

  If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, you are probably already aware that your career is now on the line. States have different laws and penalties for DUIs, as does each state’s Board of Nursing (BON.) If you are a nurse working in Texas, you need to know about DUIs and what …

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What’s the Difference Between a DUI and Wet Reckless

By Jennifer Coalson | Nov 3, 2022

You probably already know what a DUI is, driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs). It’s a severe offense and could cost you your nursing license. A “wet reckless” is considered a lesser offense and is similar to reckless driving, except your criminal record will have a note that drugs and/or alcohol were involved. …

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BEWARE: Don’t Become A Victim To A BRN Scam

By Jennifer Coalson | Oct 27, 2022

It’s a scam! Here at RN Guardian, we want to ensure that you are always aware of scams and how to avoid them. We know that many nurses fall victim to these types of hoaxes every year. This is precisely why we want you to be aware of the signs so that you can protect …

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10 Common Reasons Nurses Lose Their License

By Jennifer Coalson | Oct 20, 2022

You might think it’s rare for a nurse to need representation on standby should they be accused of something that could cause them to lose their license. You might even think you won’t need an attorney at all because you would never do something wrong. But the thing is, nurses are under investigation more often …

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What a Nurse Should Do If Accused of Drug Diversion

By Jennifer Coalson | Oct 6, 2022

First, before we get to what you should do, let’s talk about the two things you should not do. We strongly discourage nurses from surrendering their licenses or entering an intervention program. We can help you avoid having to do either. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you …

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