dsc_9599Meet Your RN Guardian License Defense Team

THE PARTNERS: Paul Goyette, Esq. and Jennifer Coalson-Perez

RN Guardian was founded by one of the most well-known and well-respected labor and employment attorneys in California, Paul Goyette. Goyette spent his entire career representing tens of thousands of police and firefighters and other public safety members. All of those clients had a defense plan that they paid into, so if they were ever brought under investigation, their legal fees were covered. Because of Goyette’s stellar reputation for winning administrative cases for police and fire, his firm was eventually sought out by nurses, needing an administrative law attorney to defend their licenses with the BRN, only these nurses weren’t covered. The nurses had to foot their own bill because RN Union dues don’t cover BRN license issues and malpractice insurance only reimburses on a case by case basis with a cap. So Goyette established RN Guardian as a way for nurses to proactively protect their licenses, just like the rest of the world protects their careers.

Jennifer Coalson-Perez initially came on board as the Executive Director of RN Guardian. With her background at the California State Legislature, she was the ideal candidate to direct the program. Jennifer’s passion for advocating for nurses and her dismay with the one-sidedness of BRN process, along with her comprehensive understanding of RN License law, eventually led her to partner with Goyette in ownership of RN Guardian and she is now the CEO.

THE ATTORNEYS: Nicole Valentine, Ian Woo and Janelle Crandall

To ensure that our nurses get the same extraordinary level of representation that the labor and employment community has come to expect from Goyette lawyers, RN Guardian still uses the experienced, expert attorneys at Goyette, Ruano and Thompson to defend our nurses. When you use RN Guardian’s panel attorneys, you are being represented by a law firm who has defended tens of thousands clients in administrative cases. Your case is overseen by a nationally renowned defense attorney. You are represented by lawyers who are as equally adept at criminal defense as they are at RN license defense. You get attorneys who win.


With Paul Goyette, Jennifer Coalson-Perez and the vetted panel of expert attorneys, our nurse clients have access to an unbeatable team fighting for them and one that does not exist anywhere else in the country. There is no other company like RN Guardian. There is no team who is so carefully curated, all to ensure our nurses are able to keep their licenses and keep their careers.

We are honored to be chosen to help you in this critical point in your nursing career. We know what is on the line. We know that this is more than just your “job”: this is your life, your passion and your career. Please know, that defending you is not just a “job” for us, either. It is our passion and our career to save YOURS!