Learn how you can protect your future license.

RN Guardian is dedicated to handling cases from nurses and nursing students who may be experiencing issues with their license. If you are a student who has received a denial of your license, then you likely know that you must appeal to just GET your license before you can begin work as a registered nurse. If you were denied your application due to a previous DUI or theft conviction we understand what you’re going through. We also know there is a good chance that you will get your RN license – if you take the right steps. 

If you have not yet applied for your license and have a past conviction, it is critical that your Letter of Explanation in your application touch on all of the right points without saying too much. Having the ability to have an attorney intimately familiar with this process can ensure you have the very best chance of gaining your license.

The reason it is important to get professional legal assistance with an RN application disclosing a past conviction is two-fold: 

  1. it ensures you are submitting a properly executed letter of explanation and increases your chances of getting your license outright (the goal)
  2.  If the application does get denied, you haven’t made it next-to-impossible for your attorney to win an appeal by making statements you shouldn’t have.

If you’re already facing a denial of your license, you may need more assistance drafting the appeal to the Board. It will take an experienced attorney exploring the details of your case and the denial, and creating the best case for the BRN to see that you are taking responsibility for your actions and  to make a positive impact in your future career. 

As the Executive Director of RN Guardian, I have been appalled to hear that other self-proclaimed “license defense attorneys” in California are asking as much as $15,000.00 in retainer fees to represent nurses because of a DUI arrest or conviction. (One lawyer told our now-client that it would cost her $30,000.00!) Being proactive can help save you or your classmates thousands of dollars. 

Eliminate the anxiety of a license denial before it happens. Do what you would recommend for your patients and let a trained expert care for your specific needs. RN Guardian has a verifiable track record of proven success in the defense of California Registered Nurses and Students. We can help you.

With student loans, applications, studying, and your regular life, you are under enough stress. You don’t need the extra concern of having to pay $10,000 to start your career.  Contact our team for student-specific license information today.