If You’re a Nursing Student With Existing Legal Issues, Are You Sure Your RN License is a Sure Thing?

Nursing school is stressful enough without having to worry that your past could come back to haunt you or that a careless mistake while in school could jeopardize all of your hard work.

Past issues that will prevent you from getting your license include: DUI’s, misdemeanor convictions, sealed juvenile records, and many others.

Once you get your RN license, you’ll want to protect it!

You’ve heard about the struggle with balancing good patient care with a demanding and stressful work environment. You’ll want a way to provide the care your patients need while protecting yourself at the same time.

Increased patient ratios, decreased funding, financial burdens on hospitals shouldn’t place more stress on you, but they do. RN’s deal with the daily possibility of having a complaint made by other nurses, physicians, assistants or disgruntled patients and their families and the first person likely to make a mistake is the “new guy”.

Eliminate Anxiety – Let Us Care for You

We have a verifiable track record of proven success in the defense of California and Arizona Registered Nurses and Students. RN Guardian lawyers offer proactive legal advice when it comes to job-related complaints and give nursing students with existing legal issues the leverage they need to go on with their lives and do the job they love without having to worry.

To begin protecting yourself today and to get your first month of coverage free when you do get your license become a member now.

We can help you.

  • At this time, we only represent nurses and nursing students in California, Arizona, and Texas*

  • *For licenses in other states, please visit TAANA