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A DUI is not one that anyone is proud of and can get in the way of your future goals. Mistakes happen, and if they are in the past or occur during nursing school, it doesn’t mean that you’ve wasted years of schooling. It’s best to avoid a DUI. But if you have a DUI and have been denied your license or might think you will be, you still have a chance. It will take a little longer to achieve depending on your situation versus a student without a DUI. With proper legal help, you’ll be able to secure your future and get over this obstacle with success. Below you will find the necessary steps to achieve your goals, helpful resources, and more.

Secure Your Future with RN Guardian

At RN Guardian, we believe it’s essential to help our clients understand their legal issues and overcome them. The purpose of the Board of Registered Nursing is to protect the public’s health and safety. If a student nurse has a past or current DUI, the BRN will want to explore the reasonings of the conviction before allowing you to get your license. If you have a DUI, there are many steps to take to show the BRN that you deserve your nursing license. RN Guardian is here to help you with each step. Take a closer look below.

  • Seek Legal Help right away. Our team of legal experts has extensive knowledge and years of experience in the defense of California Registered Nurses and Students. They will offer direction on legal advice every step of the way to ensure you receive your license.
  • If you have a past DUI, you will need to include a letter of explanation with your nursing license application. Your lawyer will help you with this to ensure it’s written thoroughly and consists of all the details necessary to explain your past conviction. 
  • If you have turned in your application and it was denied, the next step is to prepare for the hearing to appeal your case with support from your lawyer. Your attorney will explore the details of why it was denied, compile evidence to help your case, and prepare for all case scenarios. 
  • To learn more about the BRN process, download the investigation field guide. This guide will give you the information needed to understand the BRN investigation process and how our legal team will support you during the investigation and beyond.

What if I can’t afford legal fees and decide to take on the BRN alone?

RN Guardian offers California Registered Nurses or Licensed Vocational Nurses a way to defend their RN or LVN licenses for a low flat fee. As a member of RN Guardian, you will get access to a team of expert attorneys who have helped thousands of student nurses. With our membership, you get the most experienced and successful attorneys and many valuable resources. The membership includes current and future legal help. 

There are many steps to take during the denial process. It’s better to have legal help than to take on the BRN alone. Our team will help you with each step and answer your questions. We will ensure that all required documents/letters are completed thoroughly and help you prepare for a possible hearing. RN Guardian is different from other law firms because of our low flat fee, and we have experienced attorneys to match your case. Most law firms will require a large sum before they even help you with your legal situation. You don’t have time to deal with that. We want to see you succeed and offer you the best legal guidance immediately with a low flat fee. How does it work?  Continue reading to learn about our student membership fee and what’s included.

Our student plan offers legal guidance to achieve your nursing license. Our team is focused on you. We are here to defend your license and to help you with the entire legal process with success. The cost of the student plan is $5.95 per month or $65.40 per year. 

RN Guardian Past Success Stories

We want to see nursing students achieve their dreams and secure their futures. Nursing school takes years to complete. Don’t let a DUI get in the way of your hard work and goals. You have a passion, and we want to see you achieve it. Attorney Nicole Valentine has helped many nursing students with the denial process with success. Her goal is to help each client achieve their goal with the ultimate support and legal advice. Read how Nicole has helped past clients secure their nursing careers.

Southern California Success Story

In early 2020, our client was denied her initial application based on a prior DUI conviction which was about 7 years old and had been expunged. She retained us to appeal the denial, which would have resulted in getting the license. However, she would have been subjected to probation out of the gates, thus making it much more difficult to find a job. We advised her not to appeal and wait for a new law change. We petitioned to remove some harsh language from the National databank, as well. When we helped her reapply, she was granted her ATT. All she has to pass now is the NCLEX and she will be licensed without any restrictions or license discipline!

North State Success Story

A client called us ready to apply for his RN license. He had a prior Wet Reckless conviction along with a second DUI conviction with Adderall / alcohol and a high Blood Alcohol Level. We assisted with applying, which set the stage for the remainder of his case. As we expected, he was denied his initial application. We immediately appealed and, while the BRN and the Attorney General’s office initially wanted 3 years of probation, we were able to get him a public reproval, making him far more likely to be able to secure a job as a new nurse.

It’s time to get the legal help you deserve! Connect with our team today for more information and to secure your future nursing career.