Deans and Directors of Nursing Programs can help their students with legal issues by providing useful resources and support.

As a Dean and Director of a nursing school, you are the primary advocate and leader in providing educational advice, training, and helpful resources to nursing students working towards their dream careers. During their nursing program, nurses may face many challenges that could get in the way of graduating and reaching their goals, such as family emergencies, financial hardships, and legal issues. These challenges can either prevent them from finishing school, prolong the time of the program or even put their future career on pause. 

At RN Guardian, we are here to provide the ultimate legal support to student nurses. We want to see them achieve their goals as you do and overcome their current and past obstacles, like a DUI conviction, so they can graduate and receive their license. Mistakes happen, and it shouldn’t prevent them from moving forward in life.

Below are different scenarios that student nurses may face and resources you can provide to your students to help them reach their goals. 

What happens if an RN or student nurse gets a DUI?

There are many steps to take if a nursing student or RN gets a DUI. It’s crucial for them to be well in-formed of what steps to take to overcome this obstacle.

  • The first step would be to call an attorney who understands the DUI criminal portion and the BRN process. Nurses and students can pick any attorney off the street, but they may not have the proper credentials to handle this type of case. At RN Guardian, our legal experts have dealt with thousands of DUI cases and have the experience and background in nursing license defense. 
  • The second step entails many important factors. The first thing to know is not to react to the information provided by the BRN without research, knowledge, and counsel from legal experts. During this process, nurses and nursing students who have been convicted of a DUI will receive a letter from the BRN to enroll in the diversion program for drug and alcohol abuse. If this is their first defense and they don’t feel they fall in this category, they don’t have to enroll. But they might feel pressured to do so. There are many factors to consider before accepting enrollment that could cause more issues for them. It’s best to contact an attorney at RN Guardian to guide them through this to see what is best for their situation and case.
  • We have many resources and valuable information for nurses to read and understand before talking to the BRN or enrolling in the diversion program. For further details on the BRN investigation process, nurses can download our BRN Investigation Field Guide BRN Investigation Field Guide to dive deeper into the legal aspects of the BRN process and learn more about the steps to take for a successful outcome.

Can the BRN deny a student RN a license based on a prior DUI?

The answer to this, unfortunately, is yes. The Board of Registered Nurses can deny RN students their license with a prior DUI, but this doesn’t mean they can’t eventually get it. The Board of Registered Nursing’s job is to protect the public, and they need to know that the prior DUI will not be an issue for the RN student in the future. To overcome this obstacle, RN students should have proper legal support. Our team of legal experts has handled cases similar to this and has a 98% success rate. We will guide them through this process and provide the advice and support needed. 

Resources for RN Students with a DUI

If your students have RN license concerns, RN Guardian has many resources and a team of dedicated professionals who can help them through this difficult time to plan and prepare for their unique case and concerns.

  • RN Guardian Registration: Our membership program was designed to offer nurses a way to defend their license with a low flat fee. No surprises. No out-of-pocket expenses. RN Guardian membership is the protection plan that supplies them with a wealth of legal information and resources with a low monthly/yearly fee. They can reach out to us at any time. No limitations.
  • eBooks: Our educational guides were created to ensure that nurses and nursing students have the information they need at their fingertips to learn more about nursing legal issues and the support that’s available to them. The digital guides provide real-time and updated information about the BRN process, how to get their license with a current and past DUI, and why it’s essential to be proactive in protecting their future and career and have a dedicated team on their side.
  • RN Guardian Reviews: We have many success stories from our past clients explaining their experience with the BRN process and how we help achieve or get back their RN license with a prior DUI. Please take a closer look at our testimonials and share them with your students to let them know they are not alone and can save their future careers.

It’s time for RN nurses and students to be proactive in protecting their dream job. Download the Investigation Field Guide today to learn more and to share with your RN students.