Travel Nurse Research Location and Pay

Taking on a new adventure as a travel nurse is overwhelming and exhilarating. You’ll have many choices, which can be information overload. But once you sort out all the details and you are on your way to a new place, you’ll discover new sites to capture and share with your friends and family. 

Before you say yes to an assignment, be sure to think about all the essential details, including salary, housing, and location. Being a travel nurse is a unique job and has many perks. You’ll be able to travel to amazing places, meet new people, learn new skills, and be well-compensated. 

Locations Travel Nurses Are Needed The Most

Travel nurses have the freedom to choose their assignment locations. Most assignments are about 13 weeks, and some can be as long as 43 weeks or so. There are many beautiful things to see and discover; it all depends on where you want to go. Do you want to visit historical places? Relax at the beach or visit a bustling city? Deciding where to go for your first or next assignment will also depend on the cost of living and pay to ensure it’s worth it. So, where are travel nurses needed the most?

#1 California
Yes, that’s right, California is where travel nurses are needed the most, especially during a medical crisis. Ca has the highest pay rates and fantastic places to visit, like Yosemite National Park, San Diego Zoo, and Sequoia National Park, and so many more.

#2 New York
Here, you can visit the Empire State building, eat the best pizza ever, go to Central Park, explore historic neighborhoods, see a Broadway show, and the list goes on. There is a high demand for travel nurses here, with a pay rate of $106,499. Keep in mind that the pay rate could be higher depending on the hospital and your skill level.

#3 Texas
One of the best things about Texas is the mouth-watering BBQ. There are many places to see, like The Space Center, national parks, The State Capital in Austin, and San Antonio’s Riverwalk and coastal beaches to experience. Also, the cost of living is low, which means housing will not be very pricey during your stay. The average pay in Texas for travel nurses is about $2,127 per week.

#4 Washington
If you love nature and the city, Washington should be on your assignment visit list. With so many sites to see, which ones will you choose? There is much to see, including Lake Chelan, Columbia River Gorge, Olympic National Park, Spokane, National Gallery of Art, The White House, and many more. The pay here ranges from $2,028 to $5,814 per week.

Housing Tips

Finding the right housing for your nursing assignment can be a challenge with all the choices of accommodation. It’s important to note that you should do your research and be very careful, especially if you are looking for housing on Craigslist or social media platforms. It’s best to look for accommodations on reputable websites. Be sure to check their reviews, talk to them over the phone, and even do a zoom call. Never send money until you know for sure it’s not a scam, and it’s legit. You don’t want to arrive at your destination and realize you don’t have a solid place to stay.

  • Before you search for housing, be sure to list what is important to you and will accommodate your lifestyle during your stay. Once you decide on the destination, research the city, crime rates, amenities, restaurants, and shops to determine where you want to stay.
  • You can ask the hospital staff for housing recommendations.
  • Some of the ideal places to stay would be to rent a room, book an Airbnb, check out the limited stay for hotels, or you could invest in an RV. An RV might be more cost-effective and beneficial to you in the long run because all you would need to do is book your spot for your RV, but it wouldn’t work for every location.
  • When you decide on a place to stay, it’s best to talk to the owner or receptionist over the phone before confirming the details.
  • Airbnb sidenote: You might want to check for items available before staying at an Airbnb to check if they have a coffee maker, blow dryer, towels, iron, cooking utensils, and other appliances. Sometimes they list them on their site, but it doesn’t have the items there when you arrive. It’s best to talk to them on the phone to confirm all the details.

Is Travel Nursing Worth the Money?

Travel nursing has its benefits. You get to see various sites, meet new people, and try different types of food, and get travel reimbursements, insurance coverage, 401K, and other benefits, which depend on the position. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , the median pay is $75,330. This pay can vary depending on location and skill level and the pay can rise to $94,340 or so. In the end, travel nursing is worth it because you get paid more, see more, and experience more.If you are a travel nurse facing the BRN, contact us today!