Nursing legal issues and legal support

As a nurse, you face many quick decisions daily, and what you do on-off work may affect your license, which could pause your nursing career or cause restrictions. In addition, your license is also susceptible to complaints and other legal problems that may occur unexpectedly and could even delay obtaining your nursing license if you are a nursing student. 

At RN Guardian, we understand how important it is to have a team of legal professionals who know the BRN and the investigation process to defend RN and LVN licenses. With our membership fees, you receive support from a small team of experienced and dedicated lawyers who have helped thousands of nurses with DUI accusations, BRN investigations, licensing complaints, and other legal nursing issues. 

We are here to help you achieve the best possible outcome with your case, provide resources, and support you with a low flat fee. Below is a detailed explanation of our membership fees, services, and how we help nurses safeguard their licenses.


Our membership program was designed to offer nurses a way to defend their license with a low flat fee. No hidden costs. No fine print. Think of RN Guardian’s membership as a protection plan to secure your nursing career, as you would for purchasing valuable items. Your career is valuable. It’s best to protect it and have a backup plan. RN Guardian’s membership is guaranteed, and if something goes wrong, you have access to immediate legal help. Once you register, you will feel at ease knowing that you have a plan to secure your future if any legal issue transpires that could potentially affect your license. It’s good to have a reliable legal team that will listen to your needs based on your current nursing issues and is ready to advocate for you. With our membership, we offer three options including,

RN/LVN Plan 

The RN/LVN plan provides support, guidance, and representation during investigations and other legal services, including DUI accusations. Our plan allows you to proactively protect your RN or LVN license from the Board of Registered Nurses from allegations and if you are under investigation. With that, you have a legal team of lawyers ready to dive in to provide the ultimate support to achieve the best possible outcome. All you pay is $33.00 a month!

When you register, you only pay the flat fee and nothing out of pocket, and even if you are faced with multiple issues over a year and beyond, you still pay the low flat fee, only, no overpriced retainer fee that will break the bank.

Self Help Plan

We have helped thousands of nurses petition for reinstatement. This plan will help get you back on track, a supportive path to obtaining your license, and working out legal issues with a team of legal experts who have extensive knowledge and experience with similar cases. We give you your life back. Each case has unique needs, and our lawyers will review your case and listen to what you want to achieve and, in the end, will guide you through each step to attain your goal of getting your license reinstated.

The fee for this plan is $1,500.00 only, with no other costs associated with it.

Student Plan

The student plan consists of helping you get your nursing license if you’re currently in the nursing program or about to enroll. If you have a past DUI or other issues that may delay obtaining your license, we are here to provide the details, preparation, and representation needed to reach that goal. Don’t let the past deter you from achieving your dream career.

We are here to support and advocate for the best possible result. This student plan costs $20.00 a month! 


With each plan, you have access to a dedicated team of legal professionals who are ready to fight tooth and nail for you. RN Guardian is different from a traditional law firm because our fees are straightforward with no surprises and additional costs. With a traditional law firm, you will be required to pay an expensive retainer fee upfront before receiving legal assistance. With our program, you have immediate access to all legal services whenever necessary for legal guidance, representation, and case preparation. RN Guardian covers,

  • All legal issues including DUI accusations, BRN investigations, License reinstatement, and more.
  • You have unlimited access to a small team of expert attorneys 100% dedicated to your case.
  • Expert professionals are ready to assist and answer your legal questions and provide guidance, legal advice, and support when needed.
  • Our legal experts will represent you during an BRN investigation.
  • Our attorneys will show you how to respond to a BRN letter to achieve the best results.
  • Our expert legal professionals will explain the BRN’s Diversion/Intervention Program to see if this program is suitable for you. 
  • Our attorney’s will work through each case scenario to better prepare you for your case.
  • Our attorneys will answer your questions and concerns.
  • Our program offers other resources available to you so that you can stay informed about recent licensing updates.

Are you ready to secure your future with RN Guardian?