We have helped nurses through BRN investigations for over 20 years. In that time, our mission has been to support RNs and Nurse Practitioners to ensure they never have to face it alone. Our expert team of attorneys always work above and beyond for their clients. Their success is our success and we are proud to share their stories.

One story that particularly stood out to us was that of Janet, who’s roller coaster of a case was saved by resident attorney Sam Spital.


Reinstating Confidence

“I was in a situation where I was terminated from my job and reported to the Board of Nursing. This was an extremely dark time in my life. When searching for representation, I spoke to a bunch of attorneys, including Sam. With recently losing my job and having no other source of income, I unfortunately went with a cheaper attorney who had decent reviews. BIG MISTAKE- This prior attorney made a mess of my case and gave me terrible advice. After one year, he told me my case had been closed. The BRN then came back and wanted to revoke my license this time- the case was far from being closed. I was back to square one and decided to call Sam again.  Sam and Elizabeth instantly took me under their wing and got to work. Sam and Elizabeth are highly intelligent EXPERTS in what they do. They are professional, honest, and experienced attorneys that will guide you in the right direction. I was extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Not only did I get to keep my nursing license without having to do probation, I was able to get my confidence and dignity back after making an honest mistake that almost cost me my career.  Do not be fooled by the BRN, they are NOT on your side and have little mercy for those fighting to keep their licenses.”

-Janet, AVVO

Nurses are our mission and we are proud to be able to support them through difficult times such as these. If you or someone you know is being investigated by the BRN, don’t wait until your case is out of control. Protect your license with a team you can trust. Contact us today to get started.