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We’ve seen our share of success stories, but that doesn’t make everyone any less special. Especially when it comes to student nurses achieving their dreams of becoming a nurse after being denied their license for a DUI incident that occurred years before. Unfortunately, this type of block occurs frequently, and oftentimes, the nursing student isn’t even aware of the issue until they are blindsided with a denial of application letter. Many don’t know where to go from here and feel alone.

This is a story attorney Nicole Valentine has seen way too often as a member of RN Guardian’s legal team. In her 14 years of practice, she has specialized in representing RNs, LVNs, RTs, and Pharmacists in the State of California charged with crimes, facing allegations against their professional licenses, or facing adverse actions with their employment. Her mission is to fight for the best possible outcome for each of her clients and has a history of RN Guardian success stories to prove it.

1. Southern California

In early 2020, our client was denied her initial application based on a prior DUI conviction which was about 7 years old and had been expunged. She retained us to appeal the denial, which would have resulted in getting the license. However, she would have been subjected to probation out of the gates, thus making it much more difficult to find a job. We advised her not to appeal and wait for a new law change, we petitioned to remove some harsh language from the National databank, as well. When we helped her reapply, she was granted her ATT. All she has to pass now is the NCLEX and she will be licensed without any restrictions or license discipline!

2. North State

A client called us ready to apply for his RN license. He had a prior Wet Reckless conviction along with a second DUI conviction with Adderall / alcohol and a high Blood Alcohol Level. We assisted with applying, which set the stage for the remainder of his case. As we expected, he was denied his initial application. We immediately appealed and, while the BRN and the Attorney General’s office initially wanted 3 years of probation, we were able to get him a public reproval, making him far more likely to be able to secure a job as a new nurse.

3. Bay Area

A LVN Client had completed her LVN to RN program and was applying for RN licensure with DUI with a blood alcohol level (BAC) above .20%. We represented her on the DUI, got the high BAC stricken, and stipulated to .14. We then provided the required disclosure to the BVNPT, after which the LVN board took no action against her existing LVN license. Finally, we were able to represent her in her application for her RN license and the BRN granted it outright, without denial, and without having to appeal.

You don’t have to do this alone. Our expert team is here to back you up. Contact us to learn how RN Guardian can help unblock your future.