A woman in an Army uniform smiles.

You stood on the front lines for your country, now we are here to stand on the front lines for you. RN Guardian takes pride in supporting Active Duty and Veteran nurses through BRN investigations. Since we began over 20 years ago, it has been our mission to defend California and Arizona Nurse’s licenses at a low cost. RN Guardian’s most glaring difference from a traditional law firm is in its service to the individual nurse. Every nurse is an individual and so are their cases.

This is why we are proud to offer all Active Duty and Veteran nurses 10% OFF our services. You are in our best interest, not the branches, generals, or whoever has something to earn from your conviction.


If BRN investigations are so prevalent, why don’t I hear about them?

In short, because license investigations are the great taboo of the nursing community and no one talks about it. There is an embarrassing stigma associated with an accusation; even though the vast majority of the nurses under investigation are excellent nurses who made one not-so-excellent choice. We believe it’s a topic that needs to be talked about so we put our experience and knowledge behind the conversations.

Read our frequently asked questions regarding BRN protection HERE.


Is RN Guardian able to support me in the Military Court of Law?

We have a wide array of court experience, including within the Military Court of Law. This practice requires the understanding that military proceedings are completely different from regular hearings and investigations. We have specialists with the knowledge to support you every step of the way.

You stood at the front to fight for us, now it’s time for us to fight for you. Contact us and claim your 10% off today!

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