Being a nurse is incredibly rewarding and allows you to impact so many lives through patient care. However, a mistake on or off the job could put your license in jeopardy, and in some cases, it can even lead to revocation or suspension. Should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation and facing disciplinary action, RNG is here to help. We’ve compiled five key steps to help you protect your license from revocation or suspension.

Five Steps to Protect Your Nursing License

  1. Seek legal help immediately! This is one of the most crucial steps in protecting your license. We do not recommend that you face the BRN alone. Your nursing license can be suspended or revoked at any time due to accusations filed against you, including misconduct, gross negligence, complaints by patients and coworkers, failing to take a drug test, criminal charges, and inappropriate social media posting. With adequate Nursing License Defense Support, you will have a legal team dedicated to your case throughout the investigation process and beyond.
  2. Complete all probation requirements. If you are on probation, it’s best to complete all probational requirements to avoid further issues with your license. The BRN will monitor your progress and ensure that you’ve completed the probation documents and other requirements within the specified timeframe. 
  3. Share your viewpoint. The BRN may require written answers about your case, an in-person interview, or documents. It’s crucial to share your story. You want to have factual answers and not leave anything out. If you fail to do so or leave answers incomplete, you might appear guilty of misconduct. It’s pertinent to retain legal counsel to prepare and assist in your response to the investigation properly. Our attorneys will help you complete all letters and documents promptly, so you have the opportunity to present your side of the story.
  4. Know your rights. During an investigation, it may seem that you need to answer questions when an investigator calls or shows up at your door. However, before filling out and submitting any paperwork or answering questions, it’s wise to seek legal advice. Submitting information or talking to investigators without knowing all aspects of the process could severely hurt your chance of securing your license. You have the right to wait and speak with an attorney first to understand the BRN process and the steps for a successful outcome. 

If you enroll in the BRN’s diversion program without seeking legal advice first, your license may be suspended. To avoid this, discuss the diversion program with your attorney first. This program is for nurses who have alcohol and drug dependence or mental health issues. It’s good to read the details and fine print and review with your attorney to determine if this is right for you.

RN Success Stories

We offer a way to defend your RN or LVN license and will take the time to understand your unique situation to help achieve your goal to secure your future and keep your license intact. Our attorneys have years of success in nursing license defense to achieve the best possible outcome. Read our recent success stories below.

Getting an unrestricted nursing license on probation

Five Star Review-AVVO
November 16, 2021

It was a great experience working with Nicole Valentine on my case. I enlisted their help when trying to get my nursing license when I was on probation. Nicole came up with our legal plan and explained it all to me in detail when asked. She was able to clear my record and get me off probation at the same time! They also helped turn in all my paperwork to the nursing board. Not only was I granted my license but it was also completely free of any restrictions! It did take longer than I hoped. However, that’s more the court’s fault for being so slow at setting dates. Having patience and working with Nicole saved my license. I’ll be recommending her services to anyone that I find needs it.

Excellent Lawyer!

Five Star Review-AVVO
August 7, 2021,

Nicole was very thorough every step of the way in helping me protect my nursing license. She was very informative, communicated well, and was on top of things. She made sure to address any concerns I had along the way and was on top of meetings, deadlines, and getting necessary paperwork done in a timely manner. Nicole was very professional and had a caring attitude throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend her as your lawyer.

Secure Your Future!

Revocation of a nursing license is a serious level of discipline that is a very overwhelming and time-consuming process. RN Guardian and our team of attorneys are here to ease your worries and give you the ultimate support and guidance to avoid revocation. We have helped thousands of nurses in sticky situations and have a 98% success rate with similar cases. Revocation is rare with our clients. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome. We know the BRN process and understand how frightening this can be to lose your hard-earned license. We are here to help you through each step and overcome this obstacle to secure and protect your RN License.

Contact RNG today!  We can help you avoid the BRN and secure your nursing license.