Because nurses are held to a higher standard than other professionals, a mistake on or off the job could put your license in jeopardy. Nursing license suspension is a severe type of discipline, leading to revocation. When an incident occurs, the BRN will initiate the investigation process. If there’s enough evidence that the nurse violated the regulations or isn’t safe to practice, they may take disciplinary action.  This could lead to a suspended nursing license​​. 

If you ever find yourself in this position, you should seek legal help immediately! At RN Guardian, we will guide you every step of the way to assist with the entire BRN process to keep your license intact and safe from suspension or revocation. Continue reading to learn more about the different disciplines and the BRN process.

Nursing License FAQs

What happens when a nurse is investigated?

During the BRN investigation, you will receive a letter from the Board of Registered Nursing. From there, the investigator will call or show up at your door. At this point, it’s wise to obtain an attorney who specializes in nursing license defense to help you through the process. It is overwhelming, and you may feel pressured to talk to the investigators. You have rights and should be aware of what they are. It’s best to wait. Do not talk to the investigators or sign the release of your records authorization. Doing so could hurt your case. When you have legal help, your attorney will give you the best advice for each step of the BRN investigation process.

Why would a nurse get suspended?

A nurse will be immediately suspended by voluntarily enrolling in the BRN’s Diversion or Intervention Program. It’s best to consult with your attorney first to determine if this program is for you; it might not be.  Suspension may also occur as a form of discipline when an accusation is filed against the RN license. The BRN might also suspend your license right away during a criminal trial, depending on the status of the crime.

What does License Discipline mean?

Disciplinary action is a reprimand or corrective action in response to misconduct, nursing violations, or criminal accusations. Different disciplines include revocation or suspension. 

What is the most common reason State Boards of Nursing discipline nurses?

The most common reason the State Board of Nursing disciplines nurses is for making medication and charting errors. 

What is a Stay of Revocation?

The BRN revoked the license, but the revocation is stayed upon completing probation successfully. That means that the nurse can still practice as a nurse as long as there are no other violations and they follow the probation requirements.

What is Stayed Suspension?

A nurse’s license is suspended, but the nurse can continue to practice as long as they follow specific requirements.

What can nurses be disciplined for?

Nurses can be disciplined for misconduct, charting and medical errors, DUI arrests, criminal convictions, social media behavior, complaints from patients and co-workers, gross negligence, and drug/alcohol use.

What is the process of a Stay Order?

A Stay Order prevents license revocation and avoids suspension. The process will take about ten days. The stay is requested for reconsideration, and your attorney will walk you through the process of requirements during this time.

How long do Nursing Investigations take?

There is no limit for the duration of the investigation, and it may take 30 days to a year or more. It all depends on the situation of your case and the details involved. 

How long does a Disciplinary remain on your nursing record?

The length of time depends on the type of license that you have. On average, a Nursing Disciplinary will remain on your record for about three years.

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