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For a nurse, finding out you are under investigation by the BRN or BVNPT is a terrifying experience. Your RN or LVN license is what enables you to work, but for nurses, being an RN or LVN is so much more than that! Being a nurse is not just a career, it is who you are and what defines you. Having your license jeopardized in any way can have truly life altering consequences for you as a nurse. 

At RN Guardian, we work with you to ensure your license stays intact during this uncertain time. We have put together an extensive investigation field guide for you or someone in need of our services, highlighting the resources RN Guardian provides to fight the BRN. Don’t take on the BRN alone, let’s take a dive into our field guide and the topics covered.

Topics Covered

We know you have a lot of questions. The field guide answers your most intimidating inquiries, providing a sense of comfort and a thorough action plan. Download the guide for answers to the following questions : 

  • What triggers a BRN or BVNPT investigation?
  • How do I know if I am under investigation? 
  • Who else will know I am under investigation? 
  • Who are BRN/BVNT investigators? 
  • Can’t I ignore the BRN investigation? 
  • What happens during the phone call and investigation interview?

If you have received a phone call or a letter notifying you that you are under investigation, the absolute worst thing you can possibly do is begin talking to the investigator. The second, or equally damaging thing you can do, is sign the authorization for release of records. It is critical that you understand that your RN license is on the line. 

We’ve seen it all, which gives us thorough insights to all the possibilities and the opportunity to create many unique and successful action plans, structured around your specific complaint. To see our plans in action, click here to read RN Guardian customer success stories

Sense of Comfort 

If you are reading this blog right now, odds are that you or someone you know is going through a BRN investigation. There is a sense of comfort knowing RN Guardian has your back during this challenging time in your life. Talking to RN Guardian for an initial consultation is always free. A partner will listen to your story and let you know exactly what you can expect in your own unique situation. We will inform you of your rights moving forward. If you choose to have us help you, one of the most experienced RN license defense attorneys in the state will be there to guide you through this process and help you keep your RN or LVN license and the career you love so much.

Download the FREE Resource Today! 

We want to help secure the career that defines you. Get a peace of mind today and download the FREE investigation field guide today to continue reading.