Newest Nurse DUI and RN License Results

Why should a California Registered Nurse hire an administrative law attorney who specializes in RN licensing AND Criminal defense? Here’s why:

April 2015

RN’s Blood Alcohol Content: .12% BAC, Criminal Result: Wet & Reckless Conviction. Likely BRN Outcome: Citation and Fine.

RN’s Blood Alcohol Content: .14% BAC with a collision, Criminal Result: DUI Conviction. BRN Outcome Following Hearing: Letter of Public Reproval.

And Finally: Our client had a high BAC DUI in September 2014. Charged with enhancements. We pushed the DMV suspension to Jan. 2015 strategically until she had the ability to take some time off work. She is a hospice RN that travels to provide in home care. We got a good deal on her DUI thereafter: the DA stipulated to .12 BAC, no enhancement, no jail, no community service, 1/2 the statutory fine, and probation. We thought it was over…

Well then it turns out that her good DUI deal still put the usual point on her DMV record…and she already had 3 in the last 6 months (which we didn’t know). The DMV states that if you have 4 points in a 12 month period, you are presumed to be a negligent operator. So they suspended her license for ONE YEAR. She can’t work.

The attorney called for a hearing and we won based on an argument that she drives more than the average person so her 12 “months” are equivalent to most people’s 24. We also argued the injustice of killing her career, tugged on some hospice heartstrings, called into question the fact that one point is falling off next month, and voila! The judge put her on probation instead and is allowing her to drive. Job saved. Yay!

Properly disclosed to the BRN within 30 days of the conviction, we are confident that because of the low BAC without the enhanced charges our client will receive only a citation and fine from the BRN. As a hospice nurse it is imperative that she not get probation to keep her job. Would Joe DUI Lawyer know that? No, he wouldn’t. That is why a registered nurse in California needs an attorney equally skilled in criminal defense for the DUI, the DMV Hearing and the BRN to save the RN’s license and career.