I’ve been in 11- count them -ELEVEN car accidents. Some much worse than little fender benders… in 3 of those, my car was totaled.  2 were hit and runs.

A totaled car is a catastrophic experience; it turns your whole life upside down: Rental cars, Insurance companies, doctors visits, medical bills, attorney consults, time off from work, new car shopping, all of it. It takes years to get it all sorted out not to mention thousands of dollars! As a result of my car accident magnetism, I have really -and I mean REALLY good car insurance.

But most people are not like me- they’ve been in maybe one little fender bender and they don’t think one of those big accidents will ever happen to them. They are safe drivers. They have clean records.

Do you know not one of those car accidents were my fault. I was hit by some else. Every single time.

Imagine that there was no such thing as a fender bender- suppose you knew for a fact that every time a car accident occurred, it would TOTAL the vehicle. For most, a car accident is a once in a lifetime thing but if you knew that the one time it could happen, it would be catastrophic and life changing, I bet you would think twice about how you protected yourself. I bet you would have really -and I mean REALLY good insurance.

Most nurses are like the fender bender drivers. They don’t believe that there will ever be a complaint filed against them or that they will ever be brought under investigation so they are content with their facilities coverage or whatever their malpractice insurance gives them.


  • It will take years to resolve, even if you’re innocent.
  • It will cost tens of thousands, even if you’re innocent.
  • You could lose your job, even if you’re innocent.
  • It will burden you and your family with unimaginable stress, even if you’re innocent.


  •  The complainant is protected by confidentiality- you will probably never know who filed it.
  • It is the BRN’s duty to the State of California to investigate every complaint.
  • Because the complaint can be made anonymously, they are often the result of emotional patients or patient’s families who want to blame someone.
  • Complaints can also be made my co-workers to cover up their own mistakes.

Every RN under investigation with the BRN feel like they’ve been hit by a MAC truck and their life is totaled. As the Executive Director of RN Guardian, I take all of those phone calls personally. My favorite part of my day is telling my nurses not to worry, I’ll handle it from here, and then I actually do by putting you in touch with our lawyers and attorneys.

I wonder how much I would have to pay for car insurance like that?