Being accused of gross negligence and requiring a hearing to defend your RN license is a frightening and intimidating experience. The California BRN uses the full power of the Attorney General’s office against even the most unjust and petty of accusations. My 25 years of experience as an RN did nothing to prepare me for the uncompromising and merciless nature of this process.

Just as in Nursing and Medicine, what is required to address a serious problem is an experienced professional. Lord knows, I don’t know what I could have done without the help of  RNG and the Goyette team.

The hearing process was unfamiliar territory and without Lauro guiding me through I think that I would now be without my RN license and at a complete loss as to how to support my family and pursue my future goals. Attorney Lauro Paredes was my guide and ally through an intimidating process that seemed designed to overwhelm and intimidate. Lauro in court was awesome! Like watching a good surgeon at his craft.

In Nursing there is always the potential to make mistakes or to be accused by uncaring self serving interests. The California Board of Registered Nursing ( BRN’s) mission is to protect the public. In theory this is both necessary and noble. But in practice and for an agency understaffed and with limited resources what results is harsh, uncompromising prosecution of good nurses. I can only say that were I not lucky enough to have a colleague find the lawyers of Goyette & Associates for me I would not have stood a chance against the Attorney General’s lawyer and the Board of Registered Nursing (BRNs) prosecution.

Thanks again RNG & Goyette team! And a special thank you from my family and I to Jennifer the Goyette Chief of Staff. Jennifer your professionalism and optimism made this ordeal bearable and brought humanity to a cold and harsh experience!

Anonymous RN