“I am beyond grateful and blessed to have been able to find Nicole and have her help me deal with a complaint made from an employer to the Board of Nursing. I’m so glad I was able to find someone who specialized in protecting nurses and to see how professional, kind, and compassionate she was provided the comfort I needed during this time.

From the first time we talked on the phone she was very thorough in explaining the process of being investigated by the Board and and always available to talk whenever I had questions. I would not have been able to handle the interview with the investigator without her by my side. I was so nervous because my career was on the line and she really helped to keep me calm and feel prepared for the interview.

After almost 2 stressful years of waiting for this to be over, I finally got my letter from the Board stating the case was closed. Thank you soo much Nicole!! Will forever be grateful for you.”

– Anonymous