Whether you are a nursing student, newly graduated, or a long-term RN/LVN, it’s imperative to safeguard your future. Even if you don’t have any current legal issues, you still always want to be ready and prepared for the unexpected.

You worked hard for your nursing profession, and it’s best to be proactive in protecting it. Many on and off work issues may occur that could affect your license, like a complaint filed against you, which could trigger a Board of Registered Nursing investigation. When your license is in jeopardy, it’s a stressful and overwhelming time. However, with the proper assistance, you can save your career. We want you to know that you don’t have to face nursing legal issues alone. We are here to help!

If you are seeking legal advice and support or have questions about potential issues, you came to the right place. At RN Guardian, we offer a membership program that gives you immediate access to a team of experienced lawyers with an extensive background in criminal law and nurse license defense. 

Our membership program saves you money and gives you peace of mind. Below is a detailed explanation of the many benefits of our program and the reasons why it’s important to protect your license immediately.

RN Guardian Membership Benefits

When mistakes occur or unexpected issues arise, it’s best to have an experienced team who will advocate for you and give you the best advice to safeguard your career. Our membership will save you from spending upwards of $35k in lawyer fees. With our low flat-fee membership, you are covered for everything—no hidden costs – whenever you need help. Our legal professionals provide legal counsel, offer relevant resources and analyze your case to provide the full-scale support you deserve to ensure the best possible outcome. Our membership program includes,

A Low Flat Fee, No Out of Pocket Expenses: Three options include RN/LVN, self-help, and a student plan. You have the choice to pay monthly or yearly. With our low flat rate, you have instant access to legal support, resources and analysis of the newest laws and regulations. 

All Nurses Approved: Our registration process is seamless and only takes minutes to complete. There is no application process; all nurses will automatically be approved. You will have unlimited access to our team, 100% dedicated to you. (Currently, memberships are only offered to California nurses, but we are planning to expand in the future.)

Legal Support Resources: Our team tracks laws and processes relating to the BRN and protecting our clients licenses. As such, RN Guardian members are kept up to date on case scenarios and potential legal changes and their repercussions. We offer guides on how a DUI can affect your license and how to protect it, information about the Board of Registered Nursing  investigation process, and more. Our legal experts will help you with required documents and the BRN Investigation process and inform you of the latest licensing news. We are aware of the ins and outs of the Board of Registered Nursing and the most common mistakes RNs make when they go at it alone. With our insight and experience, we will provide advice and support when you need it the most to get you the best result. You are not alone.

Legal Issues that could jeopardize your nursing license

Choices you make during work and off the clock can affect your nursing license, impacting your nursing career. The BRN protects the public and will initiate the investigation if they believe it necessary, even if it’s a one-time mistake. With adequate support and advice from our legal team, our experts will help you understand the details of your case with a plan of action to protect it. Below are common reasons your license could be in jeopardy of revocation, suspension, or denied depending on the status of your case.

  • Patient and Co-Worker Complaints
  • Criminal Activity
  • BRN Investigation 
  • Unprofessional Conduct, Professional Conduct, and Gross Negligence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Falsifying Medical Records or Failure to Keep Adequate Records
  • Social Media and HiPPA Violations

RN Guardian Is Your Safety Blanket

RN Guardian is here for you! We are your safety blanket, and our sole purpose is to provide legal support and advice to help secure your future. When a legal issue ensues, call us immediately, our expert legal team will help you every step of the way. 

Want to learn more about our membership? Read our membership fees guide today, and share the guide with your fellow nursing co-workers. They’ll be happy that you did.