Completing your requirements for your RN License and living your passion is a major accomplishment and a dream come true. As a nurse, it’s your utmost priority, as you know, to follow the protocols to protect yourself and your career on and off the clock. Sometimes an error in judgment can put your license that you worked hard for in jeopardy, especially if you were arrested for a DUI. 

Even after consuming only a few drinks and choosing to drive, your BAC level could be higher than you thought or expected. The risks of driving under the influence are high, especially as a healthcare professional because you are faced with the criminal justice system and the BRN. You will need to take steps immediately after the arrest, and failing to do so will lessen your chance of keeping your license active. 

What happens if I get a DUI for the first time in California?

As a first time DUI, your driver’s license will be suspended after the arrest, and you might go to jail depending on the situation at the time of the arrest. You’ll be ordered to appear in court and left with hefty legal fees. The DUI conviction could make your license vulnerable for revocation; it depends on your BAC level. If you had a low BAC and no accident, then you have more of a chance to fight and prove to the board that the DUI will not prevent you from performing your duties to practice as an RN.

What if I don’t report my DUI to my employer or the BRN?

Keeping your DUI arrest to yourself is not ideal and will not be kept quiet due to fingerprinting at the time of the arrest. The BRN will be notified. Failure to report can lead to probation, a suspended license or a revoked license.You have 30 days to report to the Board of Registered Nurses.

Keep in mind, before you report your conviction, it’s essential to have a professional licensing lawyer who specializes in these types of cases to help you prepare for the report. Here at RN Guardian we have experienced lawyers who can help you every step of the way with guidance and support, explaining the process in great detail and answering any questions you may have including when and how to report the DUI to the BRN and your employer.

What happens if I get a DUI while I’m in the nursing program?

If you have a past conviction, you will need to prepare a letter of explanation to go along with your application. A DUI can prolong the application process and make it more complicated due to additional documents required, and the BRN will investigate and evaluate your case in depth before it’s approved. Having a past conviction does not mean you will not obtain your license, but there might be a delay in the application process due to the factors involved. Each case is different based on the event that occurred, and having proper representation in place is crucial during this process to help prepare for the next steps of approval. 

Every case is different and needs legal help and advice to protect your rights and your career. Sometimes mistakes happen, and the unexpected can be life-changing. Completing all the required documents and following the right protocols due to a DUI arrest can help you move forward. Contact RN Guardian today for a free consultation and to get started on protecting your rights and your RN License.

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