Has your RN license been revoked? You can petition for reinstatement if you have met a few critical criteria: you’ve waited either 1 or 3 years, you have some evidence of rehabilitation, and you have continued with your CE courses.

Registered Nurses will lose their RN License for two reasons – one, It is voluntarily surrendered or two, It is revoked by the BRN. So, how does one go about petitioning for reinstatement of their RN license? Good question and we have some tips to help guide you through it.


Tips For Petitioning For Reinstatement

  1. Once the license has been revoked, there should be clear information regarding your waiting period within the Revocation Order. A waiting period of 1 year resulting from mental or physical health or 3 years for everything else.
  2. The Petition for Reinstatement itself is a set of documents that must be properly completed and submitted to the BRN. To obtain the paperwork, contact the BRN and tell them you want to “petition for reinstatement.” They will mail you the document.
  3. Once the petition is filed, the BRN sets a date for the case to be heard by them in person. It could take upwards of year for the BRN o get you on the calendar to be heard which is approximately four years from surrender.
  4. As a nurse, you get a very short amount of time to present your case to the BRN. You will be granted 15 minutes to present your case in person before the board, which can be very hard to convince a panel of people that you are sorry for what you did, you take responsibility for your actions and you are rehabilitated with systems in place to ensure there is no likelihood of recurrence.
  5. The burden of proof rests on you. During an accusation, the BRN must show cause of action and prove those causes by clear and convincing evidence in order to discipline the RN license or revoke it. Once that has happened, it’s up to you as the nurse to prove the reasons your license should be given back to you. Verifiable evidence that you are fit as an RN to have your license reinstated will be needed. 
  6. The Exclusion List. You don’t want to be placed on this list. But, if your license is revoked, there is a good chance that your name will be added to the Health and Human Services (HHS) Federal Office of Inspector General (OIG) list of excluded individuals/entities or the state’s version: the Medi-Cal Suspended and Ineligible Provider List. If you want to actually use your RN license once you get it back, you have to get off of these lists, too.

So, if you are a nurse that is at the end or beginning of having lost your license and going through the process of petitioning for reinstatement, we can absolutely help in getting it back. Don’t try to do this on your own when we are right here and able to help. 

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