Thank you for your email submission. You asked if we will  still be able to help you even though you already have an accusation against your license. The short answer is yes, we can.

RNG is set up as a preventative service for career and license issues but we have the best attorneys in the state on our panel and can’t turn down people who needed our help. So yes, you can still become a member even though you have a “pre-existing condition” and you still are entitled to all the benefits RNG provides, just not for this current pending issue. The best way I can explain it is to compare RNG’s protection  to a car accident without car insurance.

Imagine you were involved in a car accident with an ice cream truck and didn’t have insurance at the time, but went out and promptly obtained a car insurance policy. Now your new insurance would not pay to fix the car that you damaged prior to obtaining the policy, so you just live with the missing front bumper and giant dent in the door. A year later you back into a fire hydrant and report the claim. The car insurance company will pay for the damage done by the new accident with the fire hydrant but not the additional damage that was caused by the old accident with the ice cream truck. The same deal with RNG: we can’t cover you for something that happened in the past, but as long as you’re a member, your covered for everything in the future.

In addition to that, you get a huge perk when it comes to representation for THIS issue: What our provider Firm has agreed to do for Nurses in a predicament like yours, is work at a rate of almost$100.00 less per hour than they usually charge private retainer clients, so if you spend 2 hours with our lawyers you’ve essentially earned back your Annual RNG membership. Your first consultation with our attorneys is always free.

I would love to tell you about it in more detail. Give me a call, let’s set up a time when you can speak with one of our attorneys and ensure that you get to keep your license, your career and your livelihood. We have a 98% success rate, Chris… those are pretty good odds when it comes to keeping your license! I know that this is a terrifying experience and you don’t know exactly what you should do or how to best protect yourself, but we do. Call me now and I’ll tell you how.