5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous

By the time I hired Nicole, I was depressed and overwhelmed with the previous ineptitude and incompetence of 3 other lawyers I had hired and fired and 7 consultations, not to mention the $10K+ I had already spent. The accusation against my RN license was for endangering public safety 4 years prior in an auto accident. I had fallen asleep driving home after multiple night shifts. I also was taking prescription medication at the time which was considered reckless. The BRN was threatening to revoke my license and my previous lawyer had negotiated for probation and a hearing with the BRN where the ruling could go any which way. I fired him!! Thank God I did. Nicole listened to my concerns and suggestions for my defense and she agreed to and/or had the similar/better suggestions for my defense. Although she could not promise I would get a reproval, we took the steps necessary to make the best possible case to show the BRN that I should get one. Nicole was kind, patient, and respectful. Things you would expect someone working for you would be (not the case with the other lawyers). So if your gut is saying, I don’t think my lawyer cares about me or has my best interest at heart–RUN! And hire Nicole! In the end, I got the best possible outcome. I kept my license, no probation just the reproval. Best of all, I have peace of mind and can continue to care for my patients without restrictions and the stigma attached to BRN punishments. The fine and lawyers fees are costly, but if you are able to read this review and hire Nicole first, you will save yourself so much money.

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