Attorney Nicole Valentine handled one case for me which had a professional and criminal component. Each case was dismissed. For the criminal I had to do 30 hours of community service but six charges were dismissed without any fines before pretrial. The board withdrew the case after Nicole’s motion.

She is so detailed, easy to get in touch with and has support staff to follow up with you when she is in court or busy.

I had a career changing experience but I am grateful I found an attorney who accepted my NSO insurance and handled my case. I did pay for my criminal case out of pocket but it was affordable. I hope to NEVER need an attorney again… if you are reading this review you likely need an attorney now, don’t waste your money with the lawyers that frighten the heck out of you, stop looking, call Nicole she can produce. She is great listener and even better talker! She got all the lies straightened out within a few months.