If you are a registered nurse facing license discipline or investigation from the BRN, the attorney you choose really matters. You need  RN License Defense Attorneys and no one else. This may seem so apparent that it shouldn’t warrant an entire blog piece, but I often get calls from RNs wanting a second opinion, an alternative to the attorney they first chose, or worse, wishing they had chosen a different lawyer because they got poor results from a lawyer who didn’t specialize in the BRN and are now looking for an attorney to fix it.

Law is Like Medicine

This is an easy comparison to make for nurses who understand that within a field there are specialists. In medicine, there are general practitioners, there is a doctor for virtually every ailment, and then there are laser-focused physicians within that specialty. The same with law. There are attorneys, anyone who has passed the bar may practice law and they should have a broad, but very rudimentary understanding of the major areas of law. Attorneys choose an area to focus on- like administrative law opposed to torts and then usually focus on a specific practice within that broad area. Some drill down even farther and focus on one or two specific areas of practice and become experts.

RN Guardian’s RN license defense attorneys are labor and employment lawyers, specializing in administrative law, with a focus on professional license defense, who are experts on defending nurses because that is all we do. That is it.

My 15-year-old son recently had an ingrown toenail that became infected… gross. We went to his pediatrician who gave us an antibiotic ointment and told him to soak it in Epsom salt baths. That didn’t work, it just prolonged the problem and the nail got worse. We got a referral for a podiatrist who removed part of the nail and he felt better, but then it grew back and so did the infection. Finally, we found a podiatrist that focused on in-grown nails and guess what happened? He cured it.

No Referral Needed

Nurses searching for an attorney to represent them in a Board of Registered Nursing investigation or accusation need that laser-focused attorney who is an expert in defending nurse’s licenses and those alone. You don’t need to go to 3 different law firms to refer you to someone who specializes in RN license defense, you can just come straight to the attorney who is going to save your license. Please don’t use the same attorney you used for your DUI, they will have no idea what they are doing. Don’t bother with the labor and employment attorney, they may be able to muddle through, but they will just be muddling and will prolong the problem. The admin law attorney will be better able to defend your RN license because at least they understand the difference between court and a hearing. The professional license defense attorney might not do a bad job; they understand how the process plays out and have a broad understanding of the Department of Consumer Affair’s various boards. But I will tell you, there is world of difference between the Contractors State License Board, the Medical Board, the BRN and the BLVNPT. The time frames are different. The probation requirements are different. The mitigating evidence must be different. The attorney should ABSOLUTELY be different.

The Expert for Less

The attorneys at RN Guardian defend nurse’s licenses. Our attorneys laser-focus on the Board of Registered Nursing and the Board of Licensed Vocational Nursing (which differ greatly too). We have handled literally thousands of cases and defended thousands of nurse’s licenses between those two Boards, and guess what happens? We save the nurse’s licenses. Because our sole focus is nurse’s license and nurse’s licenses alone, we are remarkebly efficient in our defense and so unlike medicine, going to the expert may actually end up costing you less! For more on our fees and how we save your license and your money, click here.

If you are a registered nurse or a licensed vocational nurse and your RN or LVN license is in jeopardy with the BRN or BLVNPT, please give us a call. Our RN license defense attorneys have saved thousands of licenses from revocation and we can save yours, too.