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RN Guardian offers nurses a way to defend their RN or LVN license. We help them every step of the way, from the beginning to the end and beyond. We are here to understand their current situation and needs and help them achieve their goal to save their license with compassion and support. When you are on the brink of losing your license or have had a complaint filed against you, it will be hard and stressful, but we can help you through it.

No matter the case and how impossible it seems, Attorney Nicole Valentine is there for her clients, helping them achieve the best-case scenario.

She has devotedly helped her clients with complaints filed against them, DUI cases, licensing issues, false accusations, and administrative hearings. Nicole is determined to fight and advocate for the best possible outcome and has 15 years of success in helping her clients achieve their goals.

Five Star Review: Excellent Representation

June 15, 2021 – Recent Success

Our client was satisfied with their recent case and appreciated the ultimate support from Nicole. She was there for him from beginning to end and assisted in the entire case. As a result, our client received the best-case scenario and was delighted with the outcome. His license was fully reinstated and he returned to his job very soon after! You too can expect a similar outcome, with our 98% success rate with cases.

Five Star Review: Highly Recommended

May 7, 2021 – Another Recent Success

Our client was accused of gross negligence, didn’t want to settle for
that, and wanted to fight for a full dismissal. With a positive outcome, our client was satisfied with the results. Nicole helped her with the entire case and fought for what her client wanted to achieve. With perseverance and support from Nicole, she received news that the BRN dropped the accusations before the hearing. She was shocked to hear this and relieved that her case was dropped, and now our client can move forward and focus on her career.

5-Star Review: Excellent Choice!

April 29, 2021 – Long Haul Success

This client of ours was working alongside us for a number of months as we helped him through his case. He noted Nicole’s professionalism and empathy throughout the process. In the end, his case ended with a positive outcome of keeping his license instated and allowing our client to work again at his passion of taking care of people. Don’t wait until your license is in jeopardy to get the protection your passion deserves. Talk to RN Guardian today to find out more about how we help nurses keep their licenses and their passions aflame.

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