Recent RN DUI Defense Attorney Results

Recently, our criminal defense DUI attorneys have been getting some pretty stellar results for our California Registered Nursing clients:

  • LA County DUI arrest for driving under the influence of .08% or more, reduced to a “wet and reckless,”no requirement for an interlock device and 3 years informal court probation. These are the results we dream about. We will assist our client in disclosing this conviction to the BRN, which will VERY LIKELY result in a citation and fine being issued from the BRN in lieu of any formal disciplinary action against our client’s license.
  • San Diego County DUI arrest with relatively high BAC, plead no contest to a stipulation of .12% BAC,resulting in lesser penalties during probation. What’s more, when disclosed to the Board of Licensed Vocational Nursing (BLVNPT) the .12% conviction resulted in no action and we expect a citation and fine upon disclosure of the conviction to the BRN.
  • DMV Hearing Win Complete set aside of the license suspension after utilizing an expert forensic toxicologist and having the breath results thrown out. This will hopefully result in the DA agreeing to a “wet & reckless” and our client will be issued only a citation and fine against their RN License from the BRN.

Nurses Regretting Their Criminal RN DUI Defense Choice

There is one simple reason that our criminal defense DUI attorneys are so successful with our nurse’s DUI cases, and that because we work for it. We understand that the RN license and the nurse’s career and job are what matter at the end of the day, so we do everything we possibly can at the criminal / DUI level to ensure the best result for the nurse and his or her license status with the BRN.

We know that a wet and reckless conviction, when properly disclosed, will almost certainly result in a citation and fine from the BRN. We know that a DUI conviction with lower BAC is looked upon more favorably by the BRN and is more likely to result in a citation and fine against the RN license. We know that sometimes it is worth spending more time and resources at this initial level, to ensure the best result for the RN license at the end.

The vast majority of DUI attorneys won’t do this, especially if they’ve been retained on a low flat fee agreement. There is ZERO incentive for the DUI lawyer to put in more time and effort for the client on a low flat fee, in fact, a flat fee for a DUI is an incentive for the attorney to work LESS!!! Most DUI attorneys retained on a low flat fee (less than $3500.00 or so) will handle the DMV hearing, the arraignment, and then plea their client out to a DUI with less penalties. The client feels happy because they didn’t have to do the interlock, or got a few months off their required DUI classes, or got their fine reduced by a few hundred bucks. But as a nurse, this is NOT what is important. In fact we may argue, hey… lets pay MORE in fines, spend MORE time in DUI classes and sure, put 4 interlock devices in my car…. Just make it look better to the BRN so I can keep my RN license!

And if we are looking at it from a purely financial standpoint, let’s look at these numbers:

Retainer for a DUI Attorney Who Knows the BRN:           $3500.00- $5000.00, billed hourly.

Fines to the BRN, if Result is a Wet Reckless *:                $500- $2000.00

Total $$ to the DUI / RN Attorney and the BRN:                 $4000.00- $7000.00

* keep in mind, this same result can be achieved even with a DUI conviction, if the DUI is handled well and the conviction is properly disclosed.

Retainer for a Cheap DUI Attorney on a Flat Fee:                                        $1500.00- $3000.00

Retainer for a RN License Attorney to disclose DUI:                                   $1000.00- $2000.00

Retainer for RN Attorney if Accusation is filed:                                           $3500.00- $10,000.00

Fines to BRN for Accusation:                                                                        $3500.00- $10,000.00

Total $$ to the CHEAP DUI Attorney, the RN Attorney and the BRN:        $9,500.00- $25,000.00

The cost associated with a DUI is one of the most well-known consequences of a RN DUI arrest. Spending what may amount to a few thousand dollars difference on a DUI attorney who knows the BRN can actually end up SAVING you tens of thousands in the long run, and is assured to save you something far more valuable than that: your registered nurse license and your career.

Call me if you are a California Registered Nurse recently arrested for a DUI and let our experienced attorneys with a successful track record help you, too.