Short answer: yes, it can be. The recommended discipline for every RN license served with an Accusation from the BRN (Board of Registered Nursing) BRN, is revocation of the RN License. This is terrifying for nurses, of course. After working so hard through school to get the RN license and then working for years in a career that defines the person, the prospect of losing the license that enables that, is devastating.


Accusations are filed for a number of reasons. DUI convictions are the most frequent. Next in line are Accusations stemming from work place issues like charting errors, missing medications, allegations of diversion or patient care matters. Finally, there are accusations for mental health issues that preclude safe nursing practice or other criminal convictions. All of these are considered violations of the Nurse Practice Act and the causes listed in the Accusation will be one or more of the following: Unprofessional Conduct, Conviction of a Substantially Related Crime, Gross Negligence and Incompetence.


If you are a registered nurse and you’ve been served with an Accusation against your RN license, the BRN is attempting to revoke your license. They have turned your case over to their attorney, a Deputy Attorney General and that attorney has built the case against you, proving by clear and convincing evidence that your violation of the Nurse Practice Act has risen to the level where you are a threat to the public and no longer safe to practice as a nurse. This is a huge blow, I know. Because really, let’s be honest; does 1 DUI mean that you are not a safe and competent nurse? NO! Do a few charting errors made under pressure of a bustling ER with too few RNs and too many patients mean you should lose your RN license? NO!!! We agree. You should not lose your license for a DUI, charting errors or medication discrepancies, or minor patient care issues – and we have never had a client lose their license for any of those.


In the BRN’s own sunset report a few years ago, about 40% of RNs were surrendering their license or having their license revoked following an Accusation, that is why so many nurses believe that if they’ve been served with an Accusation against their license, they will lose it. However, our vetted panel of expert attorneys will help you build your case, through mitigating evidence, to show the BRN that instead of having your license revoked for the above mentioned violations, that you receive some lower level of discipline like a letter of reprimand, or probation. We go to battle for you with the BRN to show that while you may not be perfect, it doesn’t mean you should lose your RN license as a result. As I mentioned, we have a 98% success rate for DUIs and a 90% success rate for all other cases! So while yes, if you have received an Accusation from the BRN, your license may be revoked, it just doesn’t happen to our clients.

I’m sorry you’re going through this. I know that if you are reading this post, that your heart is pounding and you are searching for a way to save your license and your career as a nurse. I know that your license enables you to do a job that you love, that is probably your passion and the thought of losing it is terrifying. If you’ve been served with an Accusation and you are in a desperate search for a way to save your license and your career, please call me. I will listen to the details of your specific case and give you an honest opinion of what you can expect in your specific situation and I can happily promise you, there is a 99% chance, that you will be just fine 😉