Our Lawyers Get The BRN to WITHDRAW DUI Accusation for Nurse

We are so excited with this result, almost as excited as our RN Guardian Member. If You are a Nurse with a DUI and the BRN is has filed an accusation against your RN license, how excited would YOU be to get this email from your attorney?

From: Daniel Thompson
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2011 10:18 AM
To: RN Guardian Nurse

Cc: Jennifer Coalson
Subject: Your BRN Matter – GOOD NEWS!


Hi RNG Member,

This is just to follow-up on the voicemail I left you just now.

I heard back from the Deputy AG assigned to your case this morning.  The BRN has agreed to WITHDRAW the accusation against your license!!  The paperwork is being prepared and you should receive a copy in a week or so once it is processed.

The HUGE benefit to you here is that you do NOT have to go on probation, you do NOT have to sign a stipulated settlement and (I need to verify this) you likely do NOT have to pay back any costs to either the AG’s office or the BRN.

This is the best possible outcome we could have accomplished and I am very pleased to deliver this news to you today.  Now you can breathe a little easier and move on with your life and finish out your career without anything hanging over your head.

It’s been a pleasure to assist you and I will follow-up with you again once we get the dismissal paperwork before we close out your file.


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Daniel P. Thompson


11344 Coloma Road, Suite 145

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If you are a (RN) Registered Nurse and you got a DUI, have been served an accusation for a DUI by the BRN or the Attorney General or if there is ANY possibility that you could ever GET a DUI, please give us a call. RN Guardian has been wildly successful defending Nurses Licenses from revocation by the BRN. We can help get the BRN to withdraw DUI accusation The fact that our stellar attorneys were able to get the DUI accusation withdrawn is a true testament to our lawyers commitment to our nurses and their savvy legal skills. If you are a nurse who has a DUI, the BRN will go after your license. Who you choose to defend you means the difference between a withdrawal or public reprimand and revocation or probation. Let RN Guardian put you in touch with the Nurse License Defense Experts of Goyette & Associates… when it comes to protecting your license, livelihood and career you want experts with proven results defending you (plus our rates are usually LESS than other Firms if you can believe that!) 916-851-1900 and ask for Jennifer.