With a DUI, as an RN in CA, the BRN can be a nightmare. Those people are not RN friends, as a matter a fact, they will try to trick you to enroll to a “Diversion Program” which is designed to ruin you, or just flat out ruin your career. BRN will make sure that you will fail and will never work as a nurse again. Nicole has guide me through the process and provide me with laundry list of documents that needed and helped me with my personal statement. The whole nightmare ends up with a fine and citation which doesn’t go public. Bravo, Nicole! I wish I hired you first when I got my DUI because my previous lawyer pretty much screwed me up, especially because you understand the impact of DUI to a nursing career (which my DUI lawyer did not know crap) Don’t go facing the BRN alone. you will fail miserably, because of all the pitfalls designed to trap you! Nicole is the one that advised me to ignore the BRN’s “Diversion Program” trick, and golly, was she right! With Nicole on your side, your chance of saving your license is improved by 200%!