Our stellar DUI Defense and RN License Defense Attorney, Helen Fong, just won a citation and fine from the California BRN for our RN client who was arrested for a DUI. The client was able to secure a conviction of a wet and reckless in lieu of a DUI, and because we were able to represent her in disclosing the conviction to the BRN, she was issued a citation and fine, and nothing more! This is such a wonderful result for this new nurse. She will not have to disclose the DUI to her employer, nothing will show up attached to her RN license on BREEZE, her job will not be impacted and she can continue with the career she loves.

This could have gone much differently for this nurse. Nurses in California have their RN licenses revoked for DUI convictions all the time. Typically, this is because the nurse assumed they could navigate the criminal and BRN process on their own and would save some money in legal fees. It also can occur because nurses allow their DUI attorneys to advise or represent them with the BRN. You are in the medical field, so I will use my favorite medical analogy: it would be like having a podiatrist perform your neurosurgical procedure… sure, it’s a physician who went to medical school, but do you want a foot doctor working on your brain? No, and you don’t want a DUI attorney handling your BRN disclosure or defense. Unless of course you have 1 of very few attorneys in the state who specialize in both DUI Defense and RN License Defense, like ours do.

If you are a California RN who has been arrested for a DUI and you are concerned about protecting your RN license, please give us a call. We have made it our career to protect YOURS!