A false, anonymous allegation was submitted to the BRN against my license. I Received a letter from the BRN telling me I was under investigation & requested an interview to discuss said allegations. Knowing they were false I thought I’d just handle it on my own… so GLAD I DID NOT! The investigator, no matter how nice & cordial, is NOT your friend! I almost got suckered into thinking it would be a simple process, (of course it would be easy… im innocent right?) even so much that the investigator was willing to drive 3 1/2 hours to meet me in my home town at a local restaurant & complete my portion of the investigation over a really good burger. (did you know the investigator has legal authority to do a random, observed urine drug test pretty much anywhere?) Yes… I almost got pee-tested with him staring over me in a public rest room! (true fact folks) Not that I wasnt willing, but really? Observed? In a public space?? Just on principal alone I think that is wrong but who am I right? I’ve been duped into innocently spilling my beans to an individual I dont know who has a badge and who’s sole intention is to find the truth and/or dirt on me by any means necessary. I am so thankful I had Ms. Valentine beside me thru the interview & subsequent follow-up as the interview was brutal to say the least! Made me feel like I was being talked into admitting to something I did not do. Nicole helped me keep it together and kept the investigator on-track to deal with the allegation. After 9 long months and multiple emails & phone calls to calm my nerves I finally received the letter I was praying for… the closing of my file. Bottom line is this: If you receive ANYTHING from the BRN accusing you of anything at all, no matter how big or small or factual or false the issue is, call Ms. Valentine! She truly is a guardian angel and will protect you, your license, your reputation, and most importantly, your hard-earned career and source of income! I cannot thank this woman enough, and should the need arise you will be saying the same thing about her being by your side… Thanks for reading!