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What Texas Nurses Need to Know About DUIs

If you have recently been arrested for a DUI, you are probably already aware that your career is now on the line. States have different laws and penalties for DUIs, as does each state’s Board of Nursing (BON.) If you are a nurse working in Texas, you need to know about DUIs and what you …

What’s the Difference Between a DUI and Wet Reckless

You probably already know what a DUI is, driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs). It’s a severe offense and could cost you your nursing license. A “wet reckless” is considered a lesser offense and is similar to reckless driving, except your criminal record will have a note that drugs and/or alcohol were involved. …

BEWARE: Don’t Become A Victim To A BRN Scam

It’s a scam! Here at RN Guardian, we want to ensure that you are always aware of scams and how to avoid them. We know that many nurses fall victim to these types of hoaxes every year. This is precisely why we want you to be aware of the signs so that you can protect …

10 Common Reasons Nurses Lose Their License

You might think it’s rare for a nurse to need representation on standby should they be accused of something that could cause them to lose their license. You might even think you won’t need an attorney at all because you would never do something wrong. But the thing is, nurses are under investigation more often …

What a Nurse Should Do If Accused of Drug Diversion

First, before we get to what you should do, let’s talk about the two things you should not do. We strongly discourage nurses from surrendering their licenses or entering an intervention program. We can help you avoid having to do either. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what you …

Accusation Against Your RN License?

If you’ve received an Accusation against your RN license from the Board of Registered Nursing in California, Arizona, or Texas, there are a few things you must know; the most important being that you very likely won’t have your nursing license revoked or suspended, despite what it says.   WHAT DOES THE ACCUSATION MEAN? An …

The AZBN ATD (Alternative to Discipline): Do NOT Submit

According to the American Nurses Association, roughly 10-20% of nurses may have substance abuse problems. So if you feel you might be in that demographic, you might want to know about the AZBN ATD (Alternative to Discipline) program. Why This Matters to You If you are struggling with substance abuse, the last thing you want …

The California Board of Registered Nursing Strategic Plan

The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) has announced its Strategic Plan for 2022-2025. They use this plan to guide the direction they want to go and measure how successful they are at reaching their goals. So let’s examine how their plan will affect you and your work. Licensing Changes Good news here! The Board …

Revocation of A Nursing License

Revocation of a nursing license is actually an incredibly rare occurrence among our clients. In fact, for the thousands of nurses our attorneys have represented, only a couple have had their RN licenses revoked. WHEN DOES Revocation of a Nursing License OCCUR? The Board of Nursing (BRN) cannot revoke your RN license without first filing …

Petitioning for Reinstatement After Surrendering Your License

Petitioning for Reinstatement after surrendering your license is a something we get asked about all the time. Here’s an all too common scenario: A nurse has an accusation filed against their RN license by the BRN for any number of reasons: from a simple DUI to some charting errors to medication discrepancies and allegations of …